My personal intro to PR

I intend to use this blog as a platform for discussion of public relations topics such as media management and agenda, content management and issues and crisis communication but I will also use it to share my views on course readings on these topics. I will share what I find most striking and interesting about the course readings on such topics and discuss what I am finding most appealing about public relations as a profession.

I was only introduced to public relations for the first time this semester (my second semester of my second year at university) and I will admit it is quite different than I thought it may be. This profession entails many theories and elements that I was unaware of. My lecturer for this course, Kim Burley, said during the first or second lecture for this course that there is a major misconception of what PR really is and she is definitely right. Television shows such as Sex and the City portray public relations as a glamorous career, and while it apparently has its perks, it does involve major professionalism and thourough understanding of key concepts and theories.

I am enjoying my PR studies and look forward to posting.


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